Urban farming news

Urban farming is the newest food revolution and there’s tons going on! Stay up to date on what’s happening in communities, cities and backyards all over the world!

Bronzeville, Milwaukee launches urban agriculture program for low-income children
– By Pete Zervakis on July 27, 2016

Millennials put down roots on urban farms
– By Lynh Ta on May 27, 2016

GrowNYC brings urban farming to New York City
– By Lauren Glassberg on May 27, 2016

Urban Farming Highlights Agriculture’s Imagination
– By Ben Potter on May 25, 2016

Food shortages take toll on Venezuelans’ diet
– By Sibylla Brozinsky on May 24, 2016

Urban farming a growing trend in Toronto
– By Justin Skinner on May 24, 2016

Vancouver trending: Urban farming on the grow
– By Amy Logan for Metro on May 20, 2016

Facing Severe Food Shortages, Venezuela Pushes Urban Gardens
– By John Otis on February 16, 2016

Urban farming growing in Edmonton
– CBC News on January 31, 2016

City Council makes urban farming legal throughout city
– By Mitch Hagney on January 17, 2016

Former Black Panther launches Oakland urban farm to give ex-prisoners a fresh start
– By Sarah Henry on September 9, 2015

Urban homesteads and communal farms: How to turn dirt into gold
– By Carmen Allgod on August 19, 2015

Produce from the world’s first underground urban farm is about to hit shelves
– By Justine Alford on June 13, 2015