Summer’s right around the corner. Will you be spending your hard earned money buying produce at the grocery store or spending quality time in your urban garden yielding some of your favourite summer fresh fruits, vegetable and herbs?

You might be saying to yourself. “I’d love to have a garden, but I just don’t have enough space.” So I have to ask “are you maximizing the space that you do have?” Whether you have a tiny plot of soil, a space in the corner of the balcony or a sunny spot inside by the window, you can grow delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs this summer, simply by growing up. I mean that literally, vertical gardens are the perfect solution for the urban farmer with space issues.

Take a look at some of these vertical space saving solutions, then choose the one(s) that work for you and get started!

Vertical Hanging Planter

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Vertical Hanging Planter – Amazon $20

Using vertical hanging planters is a great way to grow alot and maximize your space. These types of bags are not typically waterproof as they’re made from a porous material, so you’re best using them outside or inside in an area you don’t mind getting wet. Also, because the bags don’t hold water, you’ll need to use good potting soil and likely water everyday. This style of growing is good for edible flowers, herbs and lettuces. Try hanging these on your balcony wall or on the railing on the deck. Depending on what plants you use, you can really add some visual appeal to your outdoor space – all while growing delicious food to eat.

Vertical Shelves – Amazon $230

Vertical Shelves

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  Using Vertical shelves is another great way to get the most out of a small space. These are typically sturdier and have more space than the hanging bag variety. This style of growing is great for edible glowers, herbs, strawberries and lettuces. You can use these the same way as the hanging bags, and depending on what you put in them, you may even be able to hang it inside – imagine a shelf like this filled with herbs on your kitchen wall!

Vertical Planter – Amazon $40

Vertical Planter

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Vertical planters are amazing if you have a tiny space. The design makes it possible to grow alot of produce with low square footage – outdoors and indoors. This style of growing is great for strawberries, herbs, lettuces and edible flowers. Grow things that you like and things that are pretty and put this on your deck or in your living room as a conversation piece that you can eat!

Trellis – Amazon $105


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The traditional trellis is great because it can add beauty to your garden as well as function. Put one in your yard or on your balcony with planters filled with peas, cucumbers, small gourds and even small melons – essentially anything that is smaller than a volley ball can grow up a trellis. To help the vines climb up and down the trellis, tuck them in to the grids so they can latch on.

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