Grow This For Dinner: Microgreens

Did you know that you can grow this salad on your window sill, and it’s really easy? Well it is. Why not try growing it instead of buying it? You could save tons of money. Think about it, a bag of organic microgreens costs nearly $8.00 at the grocery store when for the price of seeds, some containers and soil, you can have endless microgreens for delicious fresh salads and sandwiches, all year long.

What you’ll need:

  • A sunny spot by the window (about four hours of sun)
  • Small clean containers or pots
  • Potting soil or mix
  • Microgreen seeds
  • Spray mister
Healthy salad

Salad with microgreens

How to grow microgreens:

  1. Choose a container. Something shallow and wide will work well.
  2. Put about an inch of soil at the base of the container you choose and pat it down lightly.
  3. Sprinkle the seeds evenly over top the soil
    1. Option One: Cover the seeds with more soil
    2. Option Two: Do not cover the seeds with soil and use a clear lid or plastic wrap instead, until the seeds sprout.
  4. Mist with water 1-2 times per day with a spray mister to keep the soil moist, but not soggy.
  5. After about a week, the seeds will sprout. If you used a cover, remove it now.

When can you eat them?

The growing and harvesting time for microgreens is really short. Depending on the type of microgreens you’re growing, you can start cutting and eating them in about 2-3 weeks. Once you see some leaves, grab your scissors, cut right above the soil line and enjoy your fresh microgreens that you grew yourself at home.

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